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Mobile Printing Solutions for Enterprise Overview

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Lexmark Mobile Printing Solutions for Enterprise

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Mobile Printing Solutions Get Down to Business

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Lexmark Mobile Solutions Include

  • Easy- to-use mobile apps for sending documents directly to printers on your company network.
  • Printer-based applications for accessing your documents from cloud-based services such as Google.
  • Enterprise-class solutions that allow you to easily scale across multiple locations without investing in new IT infrastructure.
  • Customizable data and image capture solutions to simplify common workflow processes


Simple. Convenient. Secure.
Simplify paperwork. Reduce errors. Improve customer service and compliance.

Solutions and Apps for Mobile Devices

Mobile connectivity is the "now" imperative. The rapid growth in mobile computing has ushered in urgent demand and new expectations for mobile devices. Mobile professionals expect printing and sharing to be fast, convenient and easy.

At Lexmark, our focus is on business documents, the mobile users who need to print and share them, and you, the decision makers and strategists who are charged with putting mobile strategies into motion.

Lexmark provides a number of ways for businesses and organizations to capitalize on the benefits of mobile productivity without compromising security or incurring excessive or uncontrolled costs.


Printing with the Lexmark Mobile Print App


Mobile Solutions from Lexmark

Mobile Enterprise Printing

Supporting the needs of a mobile workforce across a large enterprise is simple and secure with Lexmark Print Release, a pull-printing solution that delivers print-from-anywhere capabilities. Whether your employees work from multiple locations onsite―at their desk, in meeting rooms, in the café or break area―or they work from the road, they can easily send print jobs from their computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Print jobs are held securely in your corporate "print cloud" until employees log in (or swipe their ID card) at the printer and select their jobs, releasing them to print. Underlining the security, convenience and simplicity of this solution is the ability to release Mobile Solutions jobs on any enabled printer, even non-Lexmark devices.

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Lexmark Mobile Workflows
(Coming Soon)

A new Mobile Workflows application from Lexmark lets you easily create or adapt solutions to simplify common workflow processes. Create custom workflows in minutes and run them all using one app regardless of the device or OS.

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Lexmark Mobile Printing App

The Lexmark Mobile Printing App enables direct printing to supported Lexmark printers on a business network. This free downloadable app enables direct printing to supported Lexmark printers on a business network and, additionally, can be combined with Lexmark Print Release, an enterprise Mobile Solutions solution. Once downloaded to your mobile device, the app makes it easy to select the printer you want and send PDF documents and image files such as TIFF and JPEG directly to the printer.

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Lexmark and AirPrint™

AirPrint on Apple® iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad makes it simple to print email, photos, web pages and documents. There's no app to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect. With just a few taps, you can go from viewing something on the screen to holding a printed copy. Your iPhone or iPad can automatically locate and connect to Lexmark AirPrint-enabled printers on your Wi-Fi network for a 100 percent wireless printing solution.

Firmware upgrade for compatible Lexmark

Lexmark App for Google
Cloud Print™

The Lexmark App for Google Cloud Print enables you to easily and securely release print jobs that you send to Google Cloud Print.1 No PC is required to enable the printing process. Simply download the app to the printer and link the printer with your Google account―your printer is now Google cloud aware. Your print jobs stay in the Google cloud until you log into your Google account from the printer's touch screen and retrieve your print jobs. This secure pull-printing capability enhances the privacy of your paper documents.

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Lexmark App for Google Docs™

The Lexmark App for Google Docs allows you to quickly and easily scan a document to upload it to your Google Docs account, or browse and print files saved in Google Docs.1 No computer or mobile device is needed to access your Google Docs; simply log in at the printer's touch screen to take advantage of the access-anywhere" benefits of the Google cloud.

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Lexmark Photo App

The LexPrint App lets you easily print photos from your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch® using any Lexmark printer connected to the same wireless network. You print photos from your photo album or photos you just captured, and can customize print settings from your mobile device.

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1This app is now available for Lexmark devices that support the Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF). To get the app, contact your Lexmark representative or go to Lexmark PartnerNet to find a dealer near you (no log in required). Watch for the Lexmark SmartSolutions App for Google Cloud Print coming soon.