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Financial Services

Financial Services Solutions / reduce the expense of handling information / Lexmark has always been aligned with our customers' industries. Working with leading financial service companies, Lexmark has gained vast exposure to a wide range of best paractises in the banking industry and our clients benefit from our experience.

Lexmark gets things moving with fast, simple and secure in-branch scanning.

Retail banking is paper intensive. Whether it is an account-opening package, an identification card, a loan application or supporting tax records furnished by a customer, the challenge is to collect these mixed documents and move them from outlying branches to a central processing facility efficiently, economically and securely.

With Lexmark’s bank branch document capture solution, branch personnel can scan documents at their point of origin, index and link them to a specific customer, and transmit high-quality images through the bank’s secure network for immediate verification and storage in it’s central electronic document management system—all with the touch of a button on a Lexmark multifunction printer (MFP).