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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard that guides organizations by providing a framework for environmental management for their businesses. It provides a framework for environmental management. Lexmark owned and leased manufacturing facilities in Boulder, Colorado, Cebu, Philippines and Juárez, Mexico, have received ISO 14001 certification. Lexmark’s Lexington, Kentucky facility in the U.S. also holds ISO 14001 certification. Lexmark spends up to $10,000 per facility with external consultants for site-specific services such as environmental testing and over $100,000 for corporate services such as legislative tracking and MSDS management.

Each Lexmark facility sets site-specific goals for continually improving its performance within this important management system. Environmental goals include reducing energy usage, improving water conservation, generating less waste and improving emergency preparedness and response planning. Emergency response teams are established for each major manufacturing and development facility to support these efforts.

The fact that Lexmark has received only one fine in the past six years–a $1500.00 levy for an administrative, environmental non-compliance–is testimony to the effectiveness of our environmental management system. We will remain steadfast in our diligence and efforts.