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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


The Lexmark packaging team assesses the life-cycle impact of packaging on the environment. We focus on how much packaging is delivered to the customer as well as how packaging designs affect transportation efficiencies along the way. In addition, we carefully study component choices as they relate to the environment, minimize materials use and choose materials that are easy to recycle whenever possible.

We design our packaging with the environment in mind. At the design phase, engineers look at the shipping requirements of the product. Our engineers consider the overall size of the product, the shape of the outer covers and how this can affect the accessories shipped with the printer. The overall ruggedness of the printer is another significant factor. Simply stated, the more rugged the printer is, the less packaging the unit requires. It should be noted that Lexmark applies this eco-logic not only to printers, but also supplies and service parts.

Less packaging helps reduce costs and material disposal in landfills. Less packaging also ensures that goods are being transported in the most efficient manner. Our efficiency can be quantified through the LCA, with the anticipated output consisting of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings and natural resource conservation.

Shipping and Packaging Guidelines and Forms

Shipping and packaging guidelines are available as a pdf. Click Here
Packaging Certification Forms are available as a pdf. Click Here

For additional information on materials used in packaging please visit here.