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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Lexmark Environment Page

As a global corporate citizen, Lexmark is sensitive to global ecological issues. We are committed to being a responsible neighbor and employer.

Lexmark has identified three areas in which our company has ecological impacts - customer, operations and community. We have taken substantial and dramatic steps in product recycling, water conservation and reforestation initiatives that move us closer to our goals and aspirations. Implementing good management practices helps us reduce our environmental impact.
Significant financial resources are dedicated to efforts that reduce the environmental impact of our operations and result in the development of environmentally preferable products. Lexmark spends millions of dollars annually on environmentally beneficial facility upgrades, the development of environmentally beneficial technologies and supporting programs that improve the environment where we live and work.

Utilizing a wealth of talented people and our financial resources, we have become a leader in the area of environmental stewardship, product design and efficient operations.


Maplecroft Climate Innovation Index

Lexmark is ranked 15th out of the top 100 companies on the 2012 Maplecroft Climate Innovation Index. 
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Water Conservation
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Lexmark emphasizes water conservation and encourages water recycling at all Lexmark facilities worldwide.
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