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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Workplace Page

Safe, healthy working conditions, job security and an opportunity for growth and advancement are considered fundamental human rights for employees of Lexmark.

All decisions related to our workforce – internally and through our supply chain – are made with those rights in mind. The pages within this section expand upon our commitment to the betterment of our employees’ and their families’ lives including opportunities for personal growth and empowerment such as training and ongoing education.

Among the many commitments discussed in this section are fair employment practices and diversity. We adhere to these practices in hiring, as well as when interacting with our employees. Lexmark embraces the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) that aim, among other things, to promote open channels of communication among employees.

Lexmark has long been committed to diversity in our workplace. That diversity not only stimulates and benefits our employees, but is good for business. Challenges, issues and questions studied through the lenses of diverse perspectives are those that have the best chance of successful resolution.

We also have a supplier diversity program in place that helps ensure that all businesses have ample opportunities to become a part of the Lexmark supply chain. Adhering to all of these principles means that we can hire and retain the best people and that they can do their best work. We are committed to cultivating our most valuable partnership—that which we have with our employees.


Conflict Minerals
Addressing conflict minerals

Lexmark is committed to positive labor practices in our facilities as well as our supply chain.
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child care
Child care and wellness

Child care and wellness are concerns for our employees and are being implemented in our employee benefits.
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Employee Engagement
Employee engagement

Communication with employees is an important part of the Lexmark community and culture.
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supplier conduct
Supplier code of conduct

All Lexmark suppliers are required to comply with the human rights guidelines outlined in the supplier code of conduct.
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