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Discovery Programs

The Lexmark Discovery Program

Most organizations underestimate the impact document lifecycle and output related services can have on their bottom line. Not only are capital investments and operating costs affected, but user productivity and satisfaction levels can also have a major impact on operational results. Improving the efficiency of your network and direct-attached printers, copiers, fax and scanning devices can lead directly to improvements in productivity.

The assessment and diagnosis of your current output environment is the first and most critical step in the process of continuous improvement. Gaining a complete understanding of your current situation provides a fact based statistical foundation for both near term tactical decisions and ongoing optimization. The Lexmark Discovery Program gives you access to our people, processes and expertise to help your organization assess the current state of your output environment and to uncover the greatest opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains – then recommend solutions and implementation plans to address these issues.

Each Lexmark Discovery Program offering is managed to standards supported by intellectual capital gained through more than 3000 customer engagements. The Lexmark Discovery Program methodology is structured, yet flexible. Each offering is completely scalable to accommodate departmental to enterprise requirements. The Lexmark Discovery Program has numerous entry and exit points allowing complete customization to match the needs of our clients.

Discovery Needs Assessment

The Discovery Needs Assessment offering is a logical first step in which to engage Lexmark Professional Services Consultants. Lexmark's Discovery Needs Assessment focuses on identifying opportunities including business processes and specific existing conditions ripe for improvement. A Discovery Needs Assessment is the most basic assessment service offered. It is the first occasion to test the feasibility and prioritization of the opportunities for financial benefits and business process enablement.

The primary goals of a Discovery Needs Assessment engagement are to refine high-level strategies and to provide high-level direction for further in-depth analysis and improvement. It is a beacon pointing to the next steps while establishing expectations and a mutual understanding of the opportunities that could be beneficial to your organization.

Discovery OfficePrint Assessment

The Discovery OfficePrint Assessment is an in-depth analytical consulting engagement focusing on your organization's output. The OPA looks across multiple dimensions - technology usage, selection, placement, service and support. Its overall objective is to optimize end-user productivity, minimize any environmental impact, and minimize Total Cost of Ownership in order to maximize the Return On Investment

The key objective of the OfficePrint Assessment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your device infrastructure operations and management – printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities – to better align the capabilities with your organizational needs.

This consultative engagement is designed to deliver in-depth analysis of multiple areas in the office print environment. Among the issues examined are the number of devices, their location and their associated costs, including acquisition, installation, color usage, support, utilization, maintenance, consumables expenses and environmental impact. Both the present state and desired future state of the output environment are explored in detail.