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Customer portfolio: Dr. Jennifer Brooks, D.C.

Dr. Jennifer Brooks, D.C., Owner

Jennifer Pelfrey, Office Manager

Bluegrass Pain Center

How does the Pro Series enhance my bottom-line? second paper tray, wireless, RSS feeds

Dr. Jennifer Brooks Lexmark Platinum

"With so many patients to converse with throughout the day, I love the RSS feeds that show up on my Web-connected touch screen," said Jennifer Pelfrey, office manager. "I'm getting updates on the weather and news feeds. It allows me to keep patients engaged by talking about what is going on in the world while I multitask and print. I don't lose time by going online to read news headlines on my computer.

"Another big time-saver for us is the wireless capability. Dr. Brooks can take her laptop right into a patient's room and send print jobs like prescriptions, orders for tests or a treatment plan. That document is ready and waiting when they check out; there is no delay.

"The second paper tray is a huge bonus. I load one tray with regular paper and the second with HCFA forms, for insurance billing purposes. It really speeds up our daily document-printing process."

"As a business owner, when I'm going to a store to buy an AIO I'm willing to pay more for the Lexmark Platinum because it is worth the investment," affirms Dr. Jennifer Brooks, D.C., owner.


The Bluegrass Pain Center's Work

Jennifer Brooks was young when it happened, but old enough to clearly remember the scary situation that set her on her career path.

"My father broke his back working as a contractor," recalls Brooks. "I saw first-hand the healing power of chiropractic."

Years later, the goal defined as a youth was realized; Dr. Jennifer Brooks, D.C., owns Bluegrass Pain Center, a chiropractic provider incorporating therapeutic massage for medical patients.

"I made the decision to set up my chiropractic practice in a smaller community," explains Brooks. "I didn't want a nameless, faceless practice where patients are merely numbers. Here, I have the opportunity to really get to know my patients and we become a part of each other's lives."

The SMB with fewer than 10 people working in the office manages a patient load of 20 to 30 people per day under the direction of office manager Jennifer Pelfrey and with the assistance of the 2009 Lexmark Professional Series Platinum.