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Customer portfolio: Andrea Clemons

Andrea Clemons, Real Estate Agent

Jayne Cox & Associates

How does the Pro Series enhance my bottom line? Business Card Scan, ADF, professional-quality color

Andrea  Clemons Lexmark Platinum

"The ADF (automatic document feeder) on my Lexmark AIO has been wonderful," said Andrea Clemons, real estate agent. "With other printers I've had issues with paper jams, or the printer eating my paper. The Lexmark device has been excellent. It may seem like a small thing, but when you start your day early and you're up at midnight still working and what you've been working on gets eaten, you appreciate an AIO that gets the job done.

"Agents are always exchanging business cards with each other and potential clients, so we collect a large amount. My Lexmark Platinum gives me the ability to scan the cards, and then they magically show up in my computer address book. It loads both the contact information and the actual card. This saves me mega time and keeps me organized.

"During the busy selling season I'm juggling a large workload and trying to keep up with constantly changing client demands, so I appreciate the professional-quality documents my AIO helps me produce on the fly. I use this as marketing collateral and because I have such a high-performing device to print color myself, I don't have to keep a stockpile of documents sitting around that may go to waste.

"Really, when I think about all my Lexmark AIO has enabled me to do for my business, I feel like I couldn't live without it. Well, I guess I could live, I just couldn't do business nearly as well."


Andrea's Work

Call it a fight against destiny; in the end, fate has its way.

"Real estate is in my blood, I suppose," explains Clemons. "My grandfather worked as a developer and most of my family works in some capacity in the industry. It is a feast or famine business, and being a single female I tried working for someone else for security, but in the end I followed my family heritage."

Clemons even signed on with her mother's former real estate partner turned broker, Jayne Cox. She calls her union with Jayne Cox & Associates a blessing.

"We work as a team, and each use our home office," said Clemons. "I love that my job is fast-paced and people-focused. The interaction with my clients is key to my happiness; I love getting to know each property owner and putting my experience to work for them."

The 2009 Lexmark Professional Series Platinum puts its features to work for her.