Electronically Capture and Manage Invoices and Other Accounting Documents

Invoice Processing Solution

With the Lexmark Invoice Processing Solution, you can receive and process all types of invoices, regardless of source or location.

The solution ensures swift invoice matching and approval, timely reimbursement and increased supplier discount opportunities. Beginning with just a touch of the e-Task screen on a Lexmark MFP, you can easily capture, manage and route invoices, bills and statements. Additional invoice information entered at the time of capture, as well as information extracted from the document, speeds up processing time by automating workflow and eliminating manual data entry. The solution is deployed on a fast, flexible enterprise content management (ECM) platform, which provides instant access to your documents and all other types of content — computer files, faxes, email and more — within the context of the business applications that drive your accounts payable routines.

Invoice Processing Solution Video

Perceptive Software invoice management and processing solutions let you easily capture, access, manage and route any type of invoice or other document alongside any business application and process.

Benefits of Invoice Processing

  • Speeds processing time and reduces errors
  • Eliminates time-consuming data entry tasks
  • Accelerates matching, approval and payment
  • Cuts processing time with single-click access to all invoice-related documents
  • Synchronizes documents and data with ERP and financial applications

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Distributed Capture

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The benefits of capturing documents in real time, at the point of use.



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Streamlined equipment, reduced by over 60%, with clear overall savings, and streamlined print management within the office.