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Inefficient, error-prone and paper-based processes inconvenience customers, jeopardize compliance with regulations and could lead to fines and lost business.

Lexmark solutions for banking help you get a handle on paper and electronic documents, with content management, process tools, print and output management. So you can drive down costs and automate tasks for core activities.

  • Managed Print Services saves IT resources enterprise-wise by servicing and supplying printers throughout your organization
  • Automated workflow ensures tasks are done in the correct sequence for key processes, such as new accounts and loan origination
  • Electronic capture, data extraction and workflow improve daily operations between branches and processing centers
  • Lexmark Print Management improves the efficiency of print output and helps ensure confidential information stays protected
  • Accounts Payable Automation improves control of purchasing and approvals with single-click access to invoices and accompanying documentation.

Find out how Lexmark solutions for banking can make a positive impact across your entire organization, from headquarters to processing centers and retail branches. You’ll see the benefits on your bottom line, too.

Success Story

Union Bank, N.A. Success Story

Union Bank, N.A.

[PDF 1.4 MB]

Find out how UBNA’s investment in Lexmark products, solutions and services will generate a 142% return on investment (ROI) in the first three years.

Lexmark’s approach was very different. They focused more on business needs, not just our technology needs … Lexmark wanted to help us print less, move document images electronically, manage the process and wring costs out of our operations.

Deanna Zendejas
Vice President of Retail Automation
Union Bank, N.A.

Solutions for Banking

Managed Print Services

Adopt a comprehensive approach to managing your print infrastructure to lower output costs, optimize processes and improve information management.

New Account Automation

Simplify customer onboarding, lower processing and overhead expenses and improve compliance. Electronically capture customer documents using virtually any input device in any location.

Consumer Loan Automation

Speed up loan processing and approvals with electronic capture of loan documentation in the branch. Save on courier expenses and lower labor costs in the back office.

Wholesale Lockbox

Streamline and enhance your bank’s lockbox services by eliminating manual entry for check and remittance data and accelerating statement reconciliation.

Perceptive Secure Print

Print secure documents, such as checks, on an as-needed basis to reduce waste and the risk of check fraud.

Mobile Solutions

Enable branch or headquarters staff to capture and send documents or information directly into bank processes faster and easier than ever before with just a few taps on a mobile device.

Banking Branch Capture

Reduce inefficient manual processing of documents in the branch with electronic capture, data entry and verification. Eliminate courier expenses, delays and lost documents.

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